Warren Brown

Warren Brown is a talented visual artist from Tofino, British Columbia. Raised in Prince Rupert, Warren has lived near the ocean his entire life and has always been fascinated by the ocean and its creatures. From exploring tide pools to fishing across the Pacific with his grandfather, Warren has developed a deep appreciation and respect for the ocean and all it has to offer.

Warren's passion for art began at a young age, with his mother encouraging him to draw and helping him to develop his skills. He has been drawing since he was two years old and has a unique perspective on color due to his color blindness. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, Warren honed his artistic talents, often drawing when he was grounded, which gave him ample opportunity to perfect his craft.

With the fishing industry declining and his grandfather retiring, Warren decided to pursue a career in art and enrolled in Vancouver Island University's graphic design program. He found painting to be a perfect balance to his extreme sports lifestyle with Surfing, Skateboarding, and Snowboarding, allowing him to express his experiences and passion for the ocean.

Warren is an artist dedicated to capturing the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants in his work. He has a deep respect for the ocean and the creatures that call it home, and his paintings reflect this admiration. He is a visual storyteller, bringing his experiences to life on canvas and sharing them with the world.

My First Drawing as a kid of my dad and grandpa fishin still hanging on my partents wall.

Masters of The Ocean